Aurora Healer - Jordan S. Walker, LSHC

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach in Florida

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Jordan S. Walker, the Original Aurora Healer, is an Internationally Recognized Licensed Spiritual Healer, Teacher, & Speaker. Jordan's work has been featured on Television, Radio, Print and Film. Licensed as a Spiritual Health Coach (LSHC) and a Professional Member of the American Association of Spiritual Healers and Coaches (AASHC).

Jordan is the Director of the Krystal Kisses Association of America which is a private membership, educational, non profit, spiritual health organization, which offers a proprietary curriculum of spiritual health courses taught within a one of a kind project based learning environment. Classes for both children and adults designed to "Open the Gift of Clairsentience" and Deepen One's Connection to their own Divine abilities to access Higher Consciousness Healing and Krystal Star Intelligence. The Krystal Kisses Association of America is a proud member of both the PMFBO and the PMEAA.

Currently, Jordan works as an LSHC in Palm Beach County, FL and is working towards his doctorate in Metaphysical Science. A PhD in Philosophy specializing in Metaphysical Coaching with an strong emphasis on both the "Law of ONE" and the "Law of Attraction" (Attracting Abundance and Prosperity into ones Life).

Also releasing in the Spring of 2016 a line of “Spiritual Enlightenment and Healing Products” one of which includes a Vibrationally Infused Crystal Healing Jewelry Line. You can find out more by visiting the website at

Mr. Jordan S. Walker is a motivational speaker whose style is personal and accessible. He presents to conventions and associations globally. His knowledge of alternative, metaphysical, as well as mainstream and alternative healing practices is extraordinary. His own lifestyle example, research, and practical guidance, combined with his gifts of spirit, inspire his audience to make proactive and positive lifestyle changes that enhance their mental, emotional, physical, intuitive and spiritual health.

These Amazing Transformational Energies can be experienced through his Spiritual Coaching Sessions, Healing Circles, Clairsentient Training Workshops, Webinars, Speaking Engagements, Private, Long Distance, Group Healing Sessions and now through his Extraordinary Line of Vibrationally Infused Crystal Healing Jewelry.

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