Austin Bowman

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hi, I’m Austin – outdoor enthusiast and Peace Corps volunteer. I’ve traveled the world, meet lifelong friends, and am always in search of my next adventure.

I grew up a military kid and quickly became accustomed to moving from place to place. I settled in Colorado, a place I now call home, but living that life felt safe and unfulfilling. The open road called my name.

I made it a priority to step out and try new things, meet new people, and experience all that life had to offer. This journey to discover the world around me again led me down a few bad paths, but each path taught me a lesson.

My next adventure is taking me abroad once more. I’ve left everything safe behind, and am ready to forge my own path. If you love wandering, discovering new things, and connecting with interesting people then you’re in the right place. Share your time with me and I’ll share my stories with you.

Yours in wandering,


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    • Peace Corps
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    • University of Colorado Colorado Springs