Austin Meneley

Livermore, CA

I'll Never give up. I won't let anyone stop me from doing something that I love the most.

Hey there my name's Austin Jared Meneley,
I'm a very lovable person, I wouldn't hurt a fly. I'm like a teddy bear I'm soft and cuddly but I don't know for the soft part cause of this rock hard body I have ;) HAHA. I love to have a good time. I'm a little on the crazy side and I know there are sometimes where I need to calm down but overall I'm a really smooth, chill, and mello guy. I hate being alone but there are sometimes in my life where I need to be alone but overall I love being around people. I play the guitar and if you get to know me better and I like what I see I can play a song for you and or about you. I'm an athlete, I play baseball I'm an All-American. I love Baseball more than anything in the world, I'll keep playing till I can't walk anymore. I don't care where, I just wanna play. No one has and no one will stop me from playing. Whether you like it or not, I'll still be playing so deal with it!!!!!. I hate waiting. I hate being bored. If you get me angry or pisted off I will do something about it depending on the situation and I will not stop until I win no matter what I'll keep trying even if I can't walk. I'm independent, and I do what I want when I want and no one is going to tell me other wise. I treat women the way they are supposed to be treated, I have the up most respect for women. I am very romantic. I'll do what ever it takes to make my lady happy. Big things really do come in small packages, I may be small but there are big things that come from me. I may be small but I'm big hearted from the inside out. I actually like being small cause I like proving that little guys can do big things. If you ever want to hang out or just talk hit me up I would love to get to know and talk to you, c'mon don't be shy

By the Way...don't be astounded by my age...this is my real age....I may not look like it, I come from a small and young lookin' family.

  • Education
    • Granada High School
    • Las Positas Community College
    • Diablo Valley College