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Australian hip hop music began to emerge from Australia from around 1980. Originally it was influenced by hip hop music and gang culture imported via radio and television from the United States. Since the 1990s a distinctive local style has developed.

Fusion of different music, harmonies and styles such as soul, jazz, rock, country, reggae, blues and others are often blended with exceptional lyrical depth and quality.

Australian hip hop is not mainstream rap music. Albums and singles are quite often released by the artist with the help of small production crews, mainly independent labels and the music itself along with the nu-blends make the current styles and topics `way different' than American Rap.

Nuerahiphop is a network of social media channels and websites which include embedded multi-media. Latest songs from alternative artists create the style and flavour which is often light but also gets dark.

Songs can be listened to while checking out the latest releases. Free downloads are available to add to your mp3 collection.

This is a showcase of recent mainly young Australian artists by way of providing an easy format of multi-media audio access via the internet.

Tap2Play singles and playlists are an easy way to listen to background music while you work in another tab on your computer or device.

A range of channels for Irish Hip Hop are also available.

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