Monette Autencio

Student in the Philippines

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People change, now I'm a kawaii potato. Sixteen and I can't wait to turn seventeen. I'm currently stuck between trying to live my life and trying to run from it. My mind says Victoria's Secret Model but my heart says pizza and nutella. KPOP changed my life (big time haha) I stan INFINITE. I adore SEVENTEEN. Member of YG family. I am a happy person and it's all because of GOD and the great people around me. 90's kid and yes I'm cool on my own way. Photography and everything nice. I'm picky when it comes to food but I don't know why I'm this fat. I love to make jokes. Journalist. Lay-out artist. Born to be real. Unique. Beware of my stare. Without Christ. I am nothing.

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    • Spazzing my Bias
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    • Highschooler
    • Grade IX
    • Palawan National School Science Class