John Hutchinson

Pitsea Essex United Kingdom

John Hutchinson was born 1976. Raised in the Essex gangland town of Basildon, He now live's with his girlfriend and son in the beautiful city of Hull. John left school in the mid 1990's with not much in the way of qualifications, 20 odd years later he is currently working on his first ever novel. He is hoping to have the first book finished within the next year. Jack Fenner is a Police Officer with the Humberside Police Force, Well that's his cover, Really he works for the Prime Minister as an government-backed assassin responsible for eliminating criminals and renegade police officers that the law cannot apprehend. John has always wanted to write, particularly crime books, but due to having a full time job to support his family, He only writes in his spare time. John spends a lot of time doing research for his books via his contacts in the Police, private security services and armed services , these contacts are all scrupulously honest, and none of them have ever killed anyone for money. Not that they're admitting, anyway.

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