Auto Science

Carrollton, Texas, United States

Our Services

At Auto Science your cars health is our first priority. Our dealer trained technicians will give you the same service and quality of service you received at the dealership for roughly half the price. We do this by keeping overhead low, and doing jobs right the first time. Not only do we charge less than the dealer but we pay our technicians more than they do. This means you have a very skilled and happy person working on your car.

Our Philosophy

As our name states, we use a scientific approach to diagnosing, fixing and modifying your car. Understanding the physics of why one part does one thing to cause another sensor to do something else is very important in solving problems with cars. Physics and fluid dynamics experience also helps us create some of the most powerful and interesting engine/car combinations you have come across. We are nerds and we love it.

Company goal

The company goal is simple. Come in and have a great experience. From hands on with your own car to playing video games and movies in the customer lounge, every customer is a part of our family.