Autumn Mirassou

reiki master and intuitive in New York

Autumn Mirassou

reiki master and intuitive in New York

Clear. Balance. Heal.

Hello! Thank you for being here. I'm a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer.

I specialize in:

Clearing & Balancing Reiki,

Money & Abundance Reiki,

Sound Healing

Space Clearing

Long Distance Reiki

& I work with animals as well.

Please feel free to email me to schedule a session.

Kindly, Autumn.

Praise & Appreciation:

"We are so lucky to have a passionate healer like Autumn. She is gentle and direct in her work and truly has a mission to assist others in healing." -Gradwohl

"Autumn is seriously powerful and on-point! I feel deeply shifted after our sessions together and am consistently amazed at how her intuition gets right to the heart of whatever is going on. We've only worked long-distance thus far, and it always feels like she and I are together in the same room." -Elise Siegel

"Autumn has a keen sense for energy and a caring soul that channels great wisdom." -Rivermaiden

"Autumn's intuition is as powerful as it is on point. After experiencing my first hands on, one-on-one reiki session with her last week, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the benefits of stress relief, increased productivity and a heightened sense of well being. Autumn creates a comfortable environment and a total experience made even sweeter with music, aromatherapy and thorough personal feedback. I highly recommend a session with this little mystic. You may end up learning more about yourself than you think!" -Megan Venzin

"My first experience of reiki was with Autumn and I felt so at ease and really excited at what the work with her would bring...After the one on one session I felt really free and open, like a great weight had lifted off my shoulders and I was able to feel clearer about things in my head. " -Kim Lyzba

"Ms. Mirassou has the ability to pick up on blocks I need help working through and reminds me of specific positive affirmations to ease the mind and allow energy to abundantly flow once more. She truly is holding space for my highest good and I can feel that in her sessions." -KristenInMotion

"I was very impressed with how knowledgeable and informative Autumn was during our session. She was very calming, and helped me transcend into a state of bliss....I felt this awesome buzz, and had a number of questions which Autumn answered in great detail - she really knows her stuff!" -Alex Raouf