What's your damage??

Artist in California

What's your damage??

Artist in California

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Hey hey hey what's up, my name is Autumn and I am a 13 y/o cis female that uses she/her pronouns.

I'm not going to label myself since sexuality is such a fluid thing for me but I am most definitely not straight, I'll tell ya that much.

I've also got severe depression and anxiety, but I often hide my despair by being a bitch and also making fun of myself lmao so have fun with that.

aside from that I don't have any big interests that I pursue aside from drawing and writing. Those are my main passions but I also enjoy history, music, scienc, and video games occasionally.

another quick thing worth mentioning is my list of kins!!!! and by the way I know it's stupid and edgy but shut up and. just take it I guess. they'll be in order from my top ones and the ones that aren't as strong I guess ??

-Peridot (su)

-Sans (undertale)

-Blaze the Cat (yeah. the one from fucking sonic the hedgehog. that flaming cat lady. shut up.)

-GLaDOS (portal)

alrighty that's all I can think of to say whatever see you humans L8trrr

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