At The Avamere Family of Companies, we help seniors in more than 30 communities through home health, assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, and more. Learn more about Avamere, visit: http://www.avamere.com/

Sometimes there is a specific life event, like an illness or injury that triggers one to consider senior care services. Other times it can be the onset of symptoms of aging, whether physical or mental, that causes one to start a senior services search. Either way, Avamere Family of Companies would like to help.

We understand how traumatic it is to face health changes in ourselves or a loved one. With 15 years of experience in senior services and the strength of 40 senior living facilities, Avamere Family of Companies is excellently positioned to help you weigh your options for senior care services, and find the right senior care resources for you or a loved one. Contact us today.

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