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Seven Winning Strategies to Use for LaptopNotebooks are gaining in popularity these days. Everyone is carrying one now either for amusement or work. Notebooks using the most recent technology are introduced to the market everyday and these brand new notebooks have an enormous price. But that does not indicate you cannot get an inexpensive and good laptop. I've come up with a guide that could assist you in your search for a cheap and good laptop.Buy cheap laptop with older technologyRapid progress in technology makes it meaningless to buy the latest technology at a a price that is high. When laptop with wireless ability first came to the market, a unit with this technology can really cost up till US$2500. NOw after 2 years, you will get a centrino notebook that is relatively fast for less than US$1000Purchase used or refurbished laptopThe depreciation of a laptop value is so high, that after one year in the marketplace, a notebook can easily lose half its value. Look for one that is close to a year old, so if you're seeking a cheap notebook. Not all used laptop have been in bad condition. You'll be amazed to discover that some used laptops remain in good condition because their owners are power users or gamers.Buy notebook from power users or gamersI prefer to buy electronic gadgets including laptops from gamers or hard core power users. I want to share with you why. Power users or gamers generally need the most effective and latest technology to run their games or power hungry programs. They generally will not settle for second best. They also possess the tendency to chase after . After one year, they will be drilled of what they will look to sell off their notebooks and have so they can purchase a new one. Now you also happen to get buddies who are gamers and if you're looking to buy inexpensive notebooks with up thus far technology, do ask them when they want to sell off their laptops. Who knows, perhaps you can get a notebo