Avery Lamar

Avery Lamar began belly dancing after building a strong foundation in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern and Hip Hop. As a versatile dancer, she is trained in both Egyptian/Cabaret and Tribal Fusion styles. With 8 years of belly dancing experience, she frequently performs with live artists and musicians at an array of music festivals, some of which include Lucidity, Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Enchanted Forest, Techno-Tribal, Gaia Festival, Earth Dance, and more. She has had the opportunity to perform with accomplished artists such as Dj Dragonfly, Drumspyder, Kaminanda, Kalya Scintilla, Phutureprimitive, and David Starfire. She can also be seen dancing as a soloist or part of an ensemble, at a variety of restaurants, private parties, and events throughout the San Francisco bay area and beyond.

Tribal Fusion-curious? Tribal Fusion belly dancing was born from the fusion of American Cabaret with American Tribal styles of belly dance, and often incorporates contemporary, Indian, and Hip Hop influences into its style. Tribal Fusion stylization is also defined by its out-of-the-box approach to costuming, music, and movement. Signature Tribal Fusion belly dancing demonstrates dramatic contrasts in movement from slow, slinky, and snake-like fluidity, to fast, strong locks, and sharp isolations. Musically, the cutting edge sounds of contemporary world music, including Bhangra beats, eastern electronica and glitch hop are widely embraced. Many dancers are drawn to the Tribal Fusion style because it allows ample room for personal expression.

In this class we will cover basic hip and chest movement drills with a focus on clean, strong muscular articulation, as well as conditioning drills for building strength and stamina. You'll also practice crisp isolations, graceful arms, smooth hip patterns, and fancy turns and steps. Then, we'll work all of the movements seamlessly into an original and dynamic choreography. Each class consists of a thorough warm-up, technique break-down of movements to their simplest forms, drills, fun dance combinations, and a cool-down.

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6780 Depot Street, Sebastopol, Ca 95472