Andrés Villa Fernández-Mayoralas

Collado Villalba

I was born in Madrid October 16th, 1988 and grew up in Collado Villalba (Madrid, Spain) where I actually live. Bachelor Degree in Political Science and Public Administration at Complutense University of Madrid (UCM, 2013).

There are too many things I can tell you about myself and my hobbies and likes: gamer in my free time, bético and lover of the good football (soccer), series and films addict, #1 fan of beer joined with friends and some tapas, socialdemocrat, scandinavist and commited with what I think is the correct, although I always keep an open mind to listen and incorporate new ideas on the way how I see reality.

I've already been some few things in my life: McDonald's worker, postman, shopkeeper, scholar in Human Resources Department in an IT Company and columnist for different online news media. But above all this is my vocation for the public service: I love politics. I believe politics is the way to change the things, that's why I hate actual politics: they must change, and I want to be part of the changes in local level, the level which is closer and more opportunities offers to achieve real changes.

During my University years, I was students representative in different Departments at Political Science and Sociology UCM Faculty (2010-2012), besides executive member of Asociación de Izquierda Progresista (AIP, 2010-2012).

Refering to politics, I've been JSM (Madrid Youth Socialists) Reivindicative Action and Universities Secretary (2012-2013), JSCV (Collado Villalba Youth Socialists) Secretary-General (2010-2013) and actually I'm the Programms and Ideas Secretary at Collado Villalba Socialist Party.

Shall we talk and share ideas?

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    • Secretario de Ideas y Programas
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    • Ciencias Políticas y de la Adminsitración (UCM)