Avin Shanbhag


Hi! My full name is Avin Ganapathi Shanbhag, born and brought up in Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu. I am a native of a place near Goa in village named Mavinkurve in Uttar Kannada (present Karnataka).

Well about me, I am very a opportunistic and optimistic person about the way I am going head my career. I'm always full of positive energy to the right things in life. I happen to realize the actual need for having goals and achievements in life right before entering college when I graduated from DAV Boys Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram in Chennai. Frankly speaking, I was an average student much through out there until 12th grade where things seemed to be quite clear. The view of perceiving life was outrightly and enormously increased when I joined College of Engineering, Guindy and choosing one of my best interests i.e field of Mechanical Engineering. I never tend to look back twice if I had taken a wrong decision.

After four glorious years of learning academically and via various co & extra curricular activties, I happened to make a lot of friends and develop myself for the career path I am about to choose to. I'm very much interested Entrepreneurship. This was decided after some serious thinking and time to it.

On the November, 2013, I got a job offer from a multinational core company which was a dream come true for any budding mechanical engineer. Making my family and friends proud and not to make them worry without a hassle was quite the achievment, I should say. Spent 2 months abroad in Oman for my site-training. Wonderful experience I must say traveling length and breadth of the country.

I'm a great hollywood movie fan, love bike-riding and cooking. I do workout regularly and do power-lifting.

Awaiting for more surprises further up the career. I love my family and friends who are always in my vicinity as a great moral support.

  • Work
    • VA Tech Wabag
  • Education
    • College of Engineering, Guindy