Aviteq India Vibratory Systems Private Limited

AVITEQ VIBRATIONSTECHNIK GmbH (formerly AEG VIBRATIONS TECHNIK) is now in India under the name AVITEQ INDIA VIBRATORY SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED for manufacturing and distributing full range of vibrating systems and drives including magnetic vibrators and unbalanced motors.

AVITEQ INDIA offers every possible solution, whether your products have to be unloaded or loaded, conveyed horizontally or vertically, screened or graded, separated, drained, arranged, cooled down , warmed up or dried, condensed or vibrated and loosened. Vibrating systems from AVITEQ are used worldwide practically in every industry.

The Company is a joint venture between AVITEQ VIBRATION TECHNIQ Germany and Indian promoters who are in the field of manufacturing for the last 20 years. The company has been recently incorporated and intended to manufacture vibratory equipment for the mineral hardware and food industry. The company will initially import the vibratory motors from AVITEQ Germany.

The steel trough and structures will be made in India and the final commissioning will be done by Engineers located in India. After sales service will also be provided from Chennai.