Miro Avramoff

Sofia, Sofia-Capital, Bulgaria

"I want my free will and want it accompanying the path which leads to action; and want during times that beg questions, where something is up, to be among those in the know, or else be alone." ~Rainer Maria Rilke

And after being among those in the know:

"To work with Things in the indescribable relationship is not too hard for us; the pattern grows more intricate and subtle, and being swept along is not enough. Take your practiced powers and stretch them out until they span the chasm between two contradictions... For the god wants to know himself in you." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

  • Work
    • Volunteer Googler
    • Commercial Innovator
    • Spiritual Converter
    • Alchemist
    • A Really Cute Single :)
  • Education
    • Architecture College