Dlynn Warren

Holistic Life Coach, Healer, and Mystic in Tampa, Florida

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EFT Practitioner & Holistic Life Coach

I’ve worked internationally since 2006 as an EFT Practitioner providing men and women globally with the wisdom and tools for inner healing and self direction.

Currently I am focusing my on women who seek to change their lives by cleaning out their inner closets, setting healthy boundaries and are committed to self renewal and healing. They can achieve this by connecting to their own intuitive logic, employing practical tools and utilizing their creative power.

The end goal is to establish higher self worth/assurance and health/ balance which in turn helps to create a life a woman is passionate about. As this beautiful journey unfolds, women free themselves from the false prisons, built by their past circumstances and the chains of stress that have kept them from living freely and abundantly.

I love to remind people that they CAN live more freely and love more fully if they choose to do the things that will set them free.

The most rewarding experience in my work with people is to see the light come on in their eyes as they begin to feel their own inner power and trust their own inner wisdom. Observing the healing that takes place from reconnecting to their peace and power, is priceless.

I look forward to hearing from you.