Awaken Your Senses

TIME. It is a loaded word. It is the one elusive thing that we all seek, even more than money. We all want more, yearn for it. Yet modern society teaches us the opposite: It is our enemy and we need to minimize it. The less time we take to do something the greater we are rewarded. And then when we do stop to take some for ourselves, we feel GUILT.

Yet not so long ago it was different. We used to understand that Time and its incorporation into our daily lives was fundamental to living a full and happy life. And no where was this more apparent then within the realm of food. It is what made the culinary arts an actual art. It is what created traditions. Cooking a beautiful meal and then sharing it with friends and family was one of the greatest pleasures possible. The act of tasting a newly picked tomato from the garden and appreciating its freshness, or savouring a fine wine were things that could have been something akin to a mystical experience. Yet somewhere along the way we have forgotten and chosen instead to follow the path of frozen dinners and lattés to go.

I created Awaken Your Senses to help people connect back with the magic of food. Renew the art of the simple pleasures, the appreciation of some of the fundamentals of a happy life: beautiful food and gathering with those we love. To re-learn the appreciation of slow learning, ritual and tradition.

My ultimate hope is that, through Awaken Your Senses and the culinary arts, I am able to inspire people to "take their time back", slow down and appreciate life for the beautiful gift it truly is.