Rabiul Awal

Programming in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh

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First of all I am a workaholic contest programmer and then there comes an hobbyist creative writer, a die hard social activist and an organizer. I love programming and programmers too. I have indomitable interest in the arenas of competitive programming and software engineering. I love to learn algorithms and play with them. I have participated numbers of national and international programming on-site and on-line contests. Problem solving in 'on-line judges' helps me to think more deeply as well as more accurately on things which I always wanted to grasp on.

I am glad to mention that I love to work for my society and I have proven myself by relating me with numerous socio-cultural organizations with a view to spread patriotism and making a positive change in fresh and young Psyche of my surroundings. I have strong confidence on my public conduct through public speaking and organizing capability.

I am looking for a position where I can apply my knowledge and expertise on real life applications which I have gained from years of competitive programming, problem solving and academic studies. Want to work in a world-class professional environment, where i can efficiently utilize & extend my skills. Also being a part of an organization that i can be proud of and imply my best to take it to the highest level.

I am currently studying BSc(Eng) in CSTE in NSTU.

  • Education
    • Noakhali Science and Technology University