Skye Altamirano

I like the paranormal, creative filmmaking, making parodies, and your mom on occasions. Sometimes strange ideas fall out from my mind and wind up on Youtube for others to enjoy.

I enjoy being a silly dilly on occasion and can be quite the dork. Other times I am quite quiet and introspective, appearing as a recluse to most of society. I am inquisitive when it comes to life and like learning as much as I can about most anything really. Some would say I have a sarcastic streak in me – they're probably right.

I enjoy many forms of humor, but enjoy skits and improv the most. Going out and exploring is exciting to me, but I also enjoy the casual day at home relaxing. I am interested in spirituality and learning of other cultures around the world.

I want to be able to creatively express who I am as a person. I want to be able to express all of the silly dilly comedic things that spring forth from my mind. As well as the more artistic moody cinematic stuff. I want to share and work with others who envision such creativities. I want to make films.

I have begun serious studying on the subject. I love learning about special effects, lighting, screenwriting, chroma keying, and all of the other little goodies that come with filmmaking! I want to follow this dream as far as it will go and see where the journey takes me!