Ayça Tekindor

I was born in Istanbul. I studied Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University violin department. I can also play the piano well. Just after the finishing my study, I started as vocalist. As a Professional, I became vocalist to many singers in many albums and also I became vocalist of Yeşim Salkım in stage for many years. At these times with an offer coming I started to being Vj in Eko Tv. The name of my programme was “Ça Ça Ça Ayça” stil in minds by my fans. It is the first live programme done in reji room. While I present my programme, Okan Bayülgen saw me and made me an offer. Then I started to act in sketches in Zaga. Later, I started to play violin in live broadcasts and I started to became a member of orchestra an deven I started to make opening and publicity of the programme. So that I got offer for a commercial because my acting in sketch of Zaga was getting popularty too much. I played in commercial series of candy company. Later, I got a role in “Büyümüş de Küçülmüş” series with Mehmet Ali Erbil. I acted as Prenses Maria in movie of “Şans Kapıyı Kırınca” which is Ferhan Şensoy was playing the starring role. I presented a quiz show for for kids in TRT whichs name is “Dördüncü Duvar” In 2004, my first album “Yıkılıyo” is published. In 2005, I vocalized the theme song of “Hırsız var” and “Çekicek Kulaklarımı” is published as a remix album with my name. In 2007, my album, that I worked with Mete Özgencil, “Ciddiyete Davet” published. And in 2009, my first single album, named “Ayça” met with musiclovers.