Aydan O'Connor

Freelance Writer, Homesteader, and Teacher in Ford, Virginia

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I am a thirty-one-year-old transman on the autistic spectrum. I am a writer, a blogger and I enjoy various crafty projects and gardening. I like pretty much anything I can create or make with my own two hands. I am considered disabled because I am unable to function in society like the “average person”. I mostly keep to myself and don’t really have much in the ways of friends outside of my family, because of my disability. I have a few people I talk to on occasion, but that’s it.

I have struggled with depression since my teenage years on an almost daily basis and sometimes making myself get out of bed in the morning is just as tiring as running a marathon. I grew up with my parents, two brothers and a sister.

I would like to have an emotional support animal so that I can leave my house a little more often by myself and maybe start to make friends, but it’s expensive and because of my disability I am on an extremely tight budget that do not have room for the expenditures of $250+ just for a puppy from an animal rescue.

I enjoy reading when I can calm my mind enough to focus, after seeing the movie The Fault in Our Stars, I started reading all of John Green’s books that I could get a hold of and so far only one has been disappointing. I would like to publish a book of my own someday and maybe even write a bestseller. It would be a dream come true to be able to make a living for my family through my writing.

I write for my own blog www.onestepfromchaos.com and sometimes write content for friend's websites or design websites for them.

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