Ayden Snell

Brisbane, Qld Australia

Passionate sound designer who loves the power of music and sound. Motorcycles and Music are my two major passions in life. I love to create and design music and sound that is creatively expressive and touches the human heart.

I have been involved in many bands before deciding to take on a course in audio production to broaden my area of expertise with skills such as electronic music composition and music production work involving recording, mixing and mastering.

My composition and songwriting are Influenced heavily by classical music, film score and soft, atmospheric tones. I am also influenced by subtle dark, melancholic influences that fuse with contemporary jazz and rock styles.

My most recent Production work has been predominantly rock styles of music but is not limited to. I hope to collaborate with more artists of different genres in the future to expand my influences and network.

As an aspiring music producer, I hope to see myself contributing to many powerful forms of creative media including film, game and web. I desire to create unique approach to sound design to break perceived patterns in media and avoid negative cliches that have been overdone, assisting the audience experience a more powerful and immersive piece of media that they will not anticipate.

  • Work
    • Sound Designer
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Audio
    • Diploma of Studio Production