Ayesha Arif

Managing Director in Chashma, Pakistan

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I believe that I’ll grow old to be the mysterious, and a taste for exotic plants,calm and soft spiritual music,salty food, and books.As a highly sensitive and empathic introvert I get extremely drained by excesses of external stimulation (people, places and things).I love a good book (particularly of the obscure variety)! Whether it be uniting with your spirit guide, listening to the wind, watching a spider weave its web, or experiencing Oneness with existence, mystical experiences temporarily awaken us from our dream state, and I love that. Living wouldn’t truly be living without questioning, challenging and walking the path less traveled. I love to free myself from society’s sickly constraints and walk to the beat of my own drum.
I am trying my level best to be a practicing muslimah. May Allah guide me righteous.Ameen

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    • Progenitor Piplan Campus