Ayesha Arif

Business Development Officer and Managing Director in Chashma, Pakistan

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It was at the tender age of 6 that I realized there was something altogether abnormal about me. Almost two decades later I’m still convinced that I’ll grow old to be the mysterious, and a taste for exotic plants,calm and soft spiritual music,salty food, and books.On a daily basis you’ll find me writing, researching, reading and running my educational venture Progenitor Piplan Campus whose aim is to bring revolution in montessori education which I invest a lot of love, energy and dedication into. I love to express what I can’t usually express verbally in words.As a highly sensitive and empathic introvert I get extremely drained by excesses of external stimulation (people, places and things). I’m a delicate soul, so solitude provides the most welcome reprieve to relax and rejuvenate my heart, mind and body. Many of my deepest self-discoveries have also come in the depths of solitude.I highly value living authentically, and interacting with authentic, sincere people.I am deeply invested in guiding as many people as I can in the process of soulful maturation and spiritual-actualization. I may teach you, but you also teach me: our relationship is one of mutual symbiosis.I love a good book (particularly of the obscure variety)! Whether it be uniting with your spirit guide, listening to the wind, watching a spider weave its web, or experiencing Oneness with existence, mystical experiences temporarily awaken us from our dream state, and I love that. Living wouldn’t truly be living without questioning, challenging and walking the path less traveled. The world already has enough miserable automatons with its backwards beliefs, values and standards. I love to free myself from society’s sickly constraints and walk to the beat of my own drum.Growing up as the eldest of three children i discovered the material world as well.
I am looking forward for the success of my educational venture in future beside for bread i am working in telecommunication sector as a business development officer with a bright hope and a passionate soul.

  • Work
    • Progenitor Piplan Campus
  • Education
    • University of Sargodha
    • Virtual University of Pakistan