Ayotunde Adeloye

Researcher in Ibadan, Nigeria

I am a painstaking Postcolonial Researcher at the Department of European Studies in the University of Ibadan, specializing in how Ideology and otherness influences the Francophone African stratosphere.

My interests range from Causes to Arts. I am also interested in Education, Languages, and Communications.

I am fascinated by modern European Languages, and working with a group of think-tanks to establish 'AMBIANCE PLUS INTERNATIONALE', an NGO that will provide free and qualitative French lessons across Nigeria, in line with a key point of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

I am a communicator/translator (English/French/Yoruba) par excellence, and exhibit deep understanding of the politics of language. I can be entrusted with encoding and decoding highly sensitive correspondence.

If you do equally find any or all of the above interesting, I think we should get talking straightaway.

Thank you.