Alexander Young

Student, Teacher, and Bartender in Birmingham, United Kingdom

I'm half English and half Japanese but I've lived in France for over 15 years.

My diverse background is easily found in my cooking style. I'll use ingredients from all around the world and taste pairings that most people don't know about.

My favourite cocktail is the old fashioned, I appreciate the care you have to put in to get the dilution just right and let the orange ois subtlety influence the taste.

I take a lot of care with everything I do since any variable can influence the outcome. Therefore I prefer to break down my work into repeatable process, and optimise them from there.

My goal is to find a career that will allow me to be a bridge between all the corners of the world. I'm the product of such bridges and am proud of my heritage.

  • Education
    • University of Strasbourg