Ayuningtias Woro Pramesi

Jakarta, Indonesia.

Simply call her Tias.

Born and raise as the youngest in her family. Destined to be moody Libra for 22 years right now. Accounting graduated.

Love to write, to sing, and dance! Love everything about art and will eager to do everything it takes to do that sort of things in her time. Perhaps that is why she loves architecture stuff so much even words can't measure.

A huge-fan of book, a lot. Loves movies too. What happen between book and movie is her comparing the not-so-true scene on screen but still watch it anyway. Yeah, she is that kind of person. She did it for the sake of her own, not to prove that she knows better than anyone else who doesn't. She did it for her, to be more realistic that not everything as wonderful as she thought it would. Tho She loves how that word sounds, she loves it more when it came true. And that motivates her to wake up and chase her dream.

Contact her: ayuningtiaas(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Education
    • Finance & Banking, State Polytechnic of Jakarta
    • 46 Senior High School
    • 11 Junior High School