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Ayurvedic Urea Reviews

Student, Writer, and Actor in New York

I am a boy who is very tall now and the full courtesy goes to superb medicine named as ayurvedic urea, it has slowly changed my life very fast, i was worried now i am good looking, tall and handsome and this changed my life, i am a fan. Now, my height is 6.4 and many girls are already following me, i think i am now dominating the whole world and very fast i am gonna join the nba basketball team for sure, this is my desire and big dreams, and i will accomplish it for sure, god is with me and so is the ayurvedic urea powder.hurray.. This is so real and is world's legitimate height increasing product...

My father's 5'11, my mom's barely 5'5.

I'm 6 foot 4 grrrr. I admit that I lost 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch...cause I shrunk...

Dont listen doctors, you grow the most during winters/summers not during the fall or spring. I had a 2 inches growth spurth last winter, i was wearing 8 shoe size in september and started to wear 11 by marsh lol.

I'd say, do alot of sports in winter like hockey...and you'll grow.

yeah eat heatlhy and run alot.

Ugh i'm short i'm 100 percent sure i stunt my growth but I am 6.. and 4 got it you better do.. ayurvedic urea is legit...


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