Ayush Chandra

Student, Project Manager, and Volunteer in Mumbai, India

Ayush Chandra

Student, Project Manager, and Volunteer in Mumbai, India

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Hello! "Guess who is training meticulously to help you achieve your legal framework, it is I, Ayush Chandra.

Interested in knowing about your future lawyer and Entrepreneur in making? Here's for starters,

I am an enthusiastic, budding IPR and Technology Lawyer in the making, currently enrolled at the University of Mumbai, pursuing my LLB degree.

Curious to know more? Well, happy to give you more. You are more than welcome to read further,

• I am a full-time member of Legal Forum at college with a keen interest and passion towards entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, e-Commerce, and startup ventures.

• I am also a member of the Rodinhoods which is an online community of enterprising folk where they share ideas, help other startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. The girth towards my entrepreneurial spirit arose from the way MNCs like Apple and Google, Softbank,Alibaba were built and by few Inspiring Gurus such as Jack Maa, Late Steve Paul Jobs, Nikesh Arora, Dr.Saurabh Srivastava Co-founder of Nasscom.

• Apart from legal studies, I am an active content contributor on platforms Quora, CNET, whereby subscribers pour in, to seek advice and reviews in the field of modern gadget technology.

About my field experience, I am an avid participator in internships so as to acquire the relevant skills to perfect my chances of becoming a shrewd lawyer and a successful entrepreneur. Here are some of my internships that I gobbled to sharpen my scimitar, and the responsibilities I upheld during their stint. Looking more opportunities in these fields, if you happen to have something which makes me curious, you know where to find me.Looking to help startups and Join them too if they have some exciting stuff to do.

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