Ayuth Vejpongsa

Student in Bangkok, Thailand

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21-year-old engineering student.

Currently living in Thailand.

I did a lot of extra-curriculum activities in high school;
- Vice-president of the Suankularb Communication club (organizes various club and school activities; camps, one-day trips, live radio broadcasts in the school during lunch time, etc.)
- Part of the team that held the school's annual event (Samarnmitr - kinda like home coming event for school's alumnus)
- Took part in 24th Jaturamitr transforming the amphitheater (football competition held every 2 years by 4 highly-respected all-boy high schools in Thailand)
- Event coordinator for 25th and 26th Jaturamitr
- Hosting Suankularb Exhibition for the year 2012 (event held every 4 years by the seniors, displaying students' achievement and other milestones, various club activities)
- Held the La-on event (new student orientation event for freshmen), etc.

In the university, for the freshman and sophomore year at the university, I just focused on the studying due to the declining grades. The only activity I participate in is Leadership Development Training camp in the year 2013.
Then in junior year, I joined the Faculty of Engineering Student Union Kasetsart University (as a QA - quality assurance) and organize various activities;
-Intania first date 2015
-Tradition running (event organizer)
-Leadership Development Training camp 2015 (staff)

-"Kon-chob-kon camp" (mechanical engineering introduction camp for high school student)

-3 Sao event coordinator (sporting event between 3 universities; Chulalongkorn university, Thammasat university and Kasetsart university)
- Dongtarnarsa 16 (volunteer camp)
- CSR 3 sao (volunteer camp, weir-building)
- Annual sporting event of the faculty of engineering
- KeysKamp7 (participation of 5 faculties; engineering, science, social science, humanities and forestry. Basically introduction camp for high school students about said faculties)
- Gear-atom (inter-faculty camp between engineering and science) for developing rural areas (camp organizer)

President of senior student assiociation (Faculty of engineering kasetsart university)

  • Education
    • Suankularb Wittayalai School
    • Kasetsart University