Ayuth Vejpongsa

Student in Bangkok, Thailand

22-year-old mechanical engineering school graduate with 2.35 GPA

Did 2-month internship with Zircono.

Currently living in Thailand.

I did a lot of extra-curriculum activities in high school;
- Vice-president of the Suankularb Communication club (organizes various club and school activities; camps, one-day trips, live radio broadcasts in the school during lunch time, CSR events, etc.)
- Part of the team that held the school's annual event (Samarnmitr - kinda like home coming event for school's alumnus)
- Event coordinator for 25th and 26th Jaturamitr
- Hosting Suankularb Exhibition for the year 2012 (event held every 4 years by the seniors, displaying students' achievement and other milestones, various club activities and )
- Coordinate said Jaturamitr sport event twice, 2 and 4 years after.

In the university, for the freshman and sophomore year at the university, I just focused on the studying due to the declining grades. The only activity I participate in is Leadership Development Training camp in the year 2013.
Then in junior year, I joined the Faculty of Engineering Student Union Kasetsart University (as a QA - quality assurance) and organize various activities;
-Intania first date 2015
-Tradition running (event organizer)
-Leadership Development Training camp 2015 (staff)
-Mechanical engineering orientation event for highschool student (staff)
-3 Sao event coordinator (sporting event between 3 universities; Chulalongkorn university, Thammasat university and Kasetsart university)
- Dongtarnarsa 16 (volunteer camp)
- CSR 3 sao (volunteer camp)
- Annual sporting event of the faculty of engineering
- KeysKamp7 (participation of 5 faculties; engineering, science, social science, humanities and forestry. Orientation camp for high school students about said faculties)
- Gear-atom (inter-faculty camp between engineering and science) for developing rural areas (camp organizer)

President of senior student assiociation (Faculty of engineering Kasetsart university)

Most of these activities required team work, dedication and constant workaround complications that arises.

I also am a fluent English use (7.5 IELTS)

Self-taught basic Japanese and Chinese

  • Education
    • Suankularb Wittayalai School
    • Kasetsart University