Auliya Azhar Rabbani


I have a great savor to public speaking and a good favour to art. I experienced and used to follow several competitions in both debating and drawing in different level.

I’ve become the 2nd speaker on West Java Schools Debating Championship (WJSDC) 2012 and managed to be the top-ten team. I also be the 2nd speaker in Annual English Contest and Seminar (AECS) 2013 which was held by the English Student’s Association Faculty of Language and Arts Education, Indonesia University of Education and succeeded to be the top-four team.

The greatest experience I got from debate is when I became the main speaker of Singapore and Lao PDR delegates in ASEAN Model 2012, held by Directorate General of ASEAN Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with International Relations of Pasundan University which was held in Gedung Sate, Bandung – West Java.

I also once became The Best Speaker of the English Contest 2014, held by the English Department Students Association (EDSA) IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon. Those are my experiences in debate yet I always learn and exert to be even better and better in dealing with a tighter rivalry.

I love drawing cause I love to pour my ideas down to paper and also adding some colors on it. Drawing makes me confident and independent, it’s the one which makes me believe that freedom does exist and there’s no restriction in art. I’ve become the 1st winner in Red White Campus Carnaval 2007, I know it has been so long cause I love drawing since I was kid.

I also became the 2nd winner in nature drawing contest of Al Multazam Expo 2010. Besides that, I followed news caster, story telling, and writing contest in order to improve and broaden my ability so that I can be a worth person not merely for myself but also for the people around me.

  • Education
    • Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani