Bianca Broyles-Désmore

Project Manager and coach in Raleigh, North Carolina

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​Bianca Broyles-Désmore is the CEO and Founder of IMOR Productions ("It's My Own Record"- Music Label) as well as DEMIENT, LLC (Désmore-Mitchell Entrepreneurs)

Currently, Bianca has helped various contemporary Christian artists to follow their dream as performing artists. From Atlanta GA to Blackville SC, Bianca Broyles-Désmore does not shy away from her clients needs to become more successful in the industry. Bianca has written over one hundred sixty-five songs and produced a full-length CD "Unknown 2013 Edition", featuring various Christian artists. Knowing what it takes to write, produce, and arrange music, Bianca Broyles-Désmore is the best coach for any new artist in the music business. As an entrepreneur Bianca has started 3 successfully thriving business and helped numerous business owners increase their client base and better their branding.

In 2012 Bianca started her label, "It's My Own Record", and restructured the business to IMOR Productions in 2015 because the web show "your Time To shine" was added to promote talents who have given up their passion for music to serve their families or country.

In her spare time, Bianca likes to spend time with her children and volunteers as much time as she can to help those in need. "I team up with "Warm Up Raleigh" and love doing so because I truly believe that we can make a difference, one individual at a time", she says.

Currently attending Full Sail University to achieve her Master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, she says: "You are never finished matter what age"! With this kind of attitude and the raw talent, Bianca Broyles-Désmore possesses, her future looks quite promising!

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