Brian Downs

Small Business Owner in Basye, Virginia

Brian Downs

Small Business Owner in Basye, Virginia

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Born in the suburbs of New Jersey, and "transplanted" to the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania at the age of 15, I quickly became an outdoors fanatic. Now my family and I are living in the gorgeous mountains of northwest Virginia, about 2 miles from the West Virgina border.

I take every chance I can get to get out into the wild. Latest trips include camping in the desert of Arizona with the coyotes howling all around our tenting campsite then mountain topping withlow power (QRP) ham radio and making contacts.

I'm a family man with one daughter in college and 4 kids at home... Luckily my great wife loves to enjoy the outdoors with me and supports me in all my adventures.

Always been a tinkerer with electronics, and I believe that's why I love ham radio so much - especially in the outdoors...

My FCC Issued station call sign is W3ATT

Old Call Signs: KA3RSA, KB3ZHX

Other hobbies include: Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Hiking, Backpacking, Whitewater Kayaking, Guitar Playing, and Electronics..

Find out more about my low power/portable ham radio operations at

  • Work
    • Packaging Corp of America
  • Education
    • Cleveland Institute of Electronics