Bruce Lee-A-Fong

Student, Life Coach, and Dancer in Rotterdam, Nederland

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Greetings, I’m Bruce. I’m a student living in Rotterdam, Nederland. I am a fan of photography, music, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in snowboarding and sports. I went to a bilingual school called Wolfert tweetalig. After graduating highschool I started to study International business and languages at the hogeschool of Rotterdam. The reason why I chose IBL is mainly because I want to be part of the business life, like becoming an entrepeneur. Besides that, languages are not that hard for me to learn quickly. The languages will be very useful when I will visit another country for internship. I'm born in Ivory Coast and when I was 3 years iold my parents moved to the Netherlands.

Growing up here in the Netherlands had a lot advantages for me. I control many languages such as Dutch, English, French, and a tiny bit of Spanish. My hobbies are dancing, inline skating, and drawing. In my free time, I like to go out sometimes with friends and practising one of my hobbies.

I'm good at helping friends and classmates, if they need help I try to help them as much as possible with my advices.