Branden Nicholson

Los Angeles, California

Branden Nicholson

Los Angeles, California

Branden Nichoslon, aka B. Nick, is the founder and CEO of B. Nick Fitness in Southern California. His company’s services include personal and group fitness training, as well as an intense Fat Blast Boot Camp program. Branden stands chiseled at six-foot-two, weighs a solid 210 pounds, and is an extremely passionate Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Branden, also a professional model, appeared as the featured November 2011 model in the consecutive four-time World Calendar Award-winning Ebony Soul Calendar. In December 2011, Branden was selected as's featured model.

In 2003, Branden, a Long Beach, Califonia native, earned a full football scholarship to Eastern Washington University. Much like in high school, he dominated as a starting wide receiver for the Eagles. In 2005, his junior year, during an extensive spring workout for his NFL test date, Branden broke his right femur bone. He was hospitalized for nearly two months, and underwent three major surgeries.

Branden’s doctors told him he would never walk again. Many doubters began to encourage him to end his career that he worked tirelessly for. Nonetheless, Branden earned the 2006 Pat Robbins Award for his provision of inspiration to others after he began walking and rejoined the football team his senior year, stonger than ever before. Branden earned a Bachelors of Arts in Communications.

Branden is a true testament of faith, endurance and perseverance; characteristics that he strives to instill in the lives of those he encounters daily.

B. Nick Fitness offers LIVE web conference and home or office fitness sessions with focuses including:

Muscle confusion and strength training + interval cardio

Resistance training with bands

Self-esteem enhancement

Motivation enhancement

Proper dieting + nutrition

A training experience like no other, GUARANTEED!

Sessions offered Monday through Friday by appointment

Each session is affordably priced at only $25 for 30 minutes!

  • Education
    • Eastern Washington University