Brittany Courvoisier-Nicol

West Kelowna

Working in every area from the restaurant industry to the Ministry of Transportation, I'm a firm believer in doing everything with a smile. I'm always up for a challenge and am always pushing myself for more.

I'm currently finishing up my fifth year at the University of British Columbia, looking to find my place in the world of Computer Science and Math. I've always been a number person, but it wasn't until second year university that I started down the Computer Science path. I hope to bring together my love for engaging with people, my eye for design and my math and computer science expertise to find a career that is both exciting and challenging.

I have two sisters and one golden retriever, Weston, who is definitely the brother I never had. I've played competitive softball for 17 years, and still look forward to putting on my uniform every spring. In my fourth year of University I packed my bags and left to do a semester halfway across the world in Australia. I've always considered myself to be an outgoing person, but walking into a residence with 200 people you've never met definitely pushed my personality to new limits. I not only made lifelong friends through this experience, but also caught the travel bug, so hope to see many more countries in my lifetime. Aside from work, school, family and softball, I like to get away from everything by burying myself in a new book or finding a new tv series to watch (currently it's Sons of Anarchy).

  • Work
    • Original Joe's
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science, University of British Columbia