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Shrinath Badrinarayanan


I'm a fervid (and radical) animal rights activist - hey, there's gotta be someone. Extremely tech- and design-savvy. I'm very passionate about great design - be it the interiors, architecture or the web; most passionate about anything that fuses all three of these. I love clean design and I skew toward the demographic that appreciates modern, minimalistic design principles.

I love revolutionary products and I'm all about making this world abound with them. By revolutionary, I don't mean just innovative, but truly sustainable in every sense: green and animal-friendly being my top priorities.

When I'm not mucking about with my laptop, I read. Though mostly I restrict myself to crime thrillers and suspense (invariably an Agatha Christie novel), biographies and feminist fiction, I would read any book that holds me in a trance. I hope to become a published author of fiction.

I'm fluent in verbal and written Sanskrit and I talk basic French (though that's changing soon). I love learning about the origin and history of languages. In fact, I love learning just about anything that pops in my mind. I have Wikipedia to thank for that. Can't live a day without Wikipedia.

I don't know what I'd do without books, movies or TV. I have an insatiable flair for (animal-friendly) fashion and I follow mostly Western trends. I am proud to have watched The Devil Wears Prada more than 50 times. No, I'm not kidding. Still watch it, will watch it till my last day. Seriously, Meryl Streep deserved an Oscar for her role in the movie, not just a nomination. BTW, I'm her biggest fan, hands down. and I don't appreciate second-guessers or skeptics of this fact.

I love traveling, although I have only traveled to New York outside of India. I hope to be the most traveled person someday. My favorite cities are (in no particular order): Chennai, NYC, Paris and L.A. So that's two down, two to go!!

Oh, and I live with my adorable cat, Ginger.

Whew. That was something. Thanks for reading about me!!

  • Education
    • B. Tech., SASTRA University