Warinthip Chaloeipap

Public Speaker, Marketing Executives, and Business Development in กรุงเทพมหานคร, ประเทศไทย

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I have been pursuing my career in international trade in business development field. Nowadays, when people create a new innovation, it is not only for the regional market but also to serve people globally. We are no longer limited to experience things from other sides of the world. We have various tools which allow us to stay connected regardless of time, location or even cultural barriers. When products trade across borders, innovation and tradition go along with it. This is a fandamental step of bringing people together as sharing society. I am ASEAN, and I would like to share ASEANess overseas. At the same time, I appreciate foreign investment and business expansion in ASEAN region which allow us to become one diverse community.

My goal in this industry is to support local and foreign entrepreneurs in successfully expanding into domestic and international markets by providing expert business strategies and innovative consulting solutions, enabling enterprises to thrive in Thailand and throughout the ASEAN region.

  • Education
    • Assumption University