Michael Babcock

Columbia Falls Montana

It has been a long time since I updated this. Honestly, I think since I set up this Facebook account back in 2008. It is now January 2013. A lot has changed in my life, but I am still me. Hey there, my name is Michael Babcock. I am at this time, currently living in hungry horse Montana. I am a stay at home part time father, and a babysitter some of the time as well. If you want to learn about what I'm doing, send me an inbox message I would be glad to teach you how to make money from home. If you want to see a little bit about my life, check out my YouTube. I will post the link to it, at the bottom of this rent. And, I think that's about it. So, here's my work-at-home website: Http://workwithmike.ws And, the link to my YouTube channel: Http://youtube.com/blindyism Thanks, and hey, do me a favor share with your friends either my YouTube link, or the work-at-home opportunity. It's all about networking!