Babes In The Wood


Babes In | The Wood is an “audible fashion” label. This means that we are a record label as well as a clothing company. We specialise in handcrafted luxury street wear aimed at men and women as well as electronic music. Folklore, storytelling, bohemia and the urban street wear scenes of cities such as London and Tokyo inspire us.
The idea behind BITW is that we fuse music and fashion, one inspires the other and they can be expressed and enjoyed simultaneously. We help promote and celebrate lesser know artists by releasing their music online as well as through of compilations, which are released on limited vinyl. The compilations will coincide with a new capsule collection of clothing, as well as a new chapter of our story.
BITW is inspired by folklore; the name itself is an English folklore tale. We have created our own world and characters, which have a narrative that will unfold as our brand develops. The main character is MYST, the rabbit of death, who is also like a mascot for our brand. Our love of folklore and folk art is carried through to our products. We hand make a lot of the items; including beading, embroidery and other craft techniques which are all updated with an urban edge. We also make an effort to get as much of the manufacturing process done within the UK. BITW keeps all of the scrap material and recycles it into new products wherever possible. Our music follows suit, with ambient melodies and roots vibes to sooth or stimulate. We hope to hold events to showcase our work in the future. So look out for us and stay tuned for the next instalment. BITW.