Bijoy Babu


After 10 years of experience in marketing & sales Bijoy Babu founded his own venture "Sales Star" in 2012 to offer and sales & marketing services to the SMB/SME. Sales Star enables businesses to focus on their core expertise of product or service development and leave the worrry of marketing & selling. Sales Star has expertise in Corporate sales, channel sales, retail activities, telesales, market campaign, market research and engages in both B2B and B2C business models visit

Bijoy Babu also co-founded "procuserve" which provides outsourced procurement services. A good procurement cycle helps in reducing costs and increasing bottom lines. Most of the organisations lack expertise in getting the right vendors/suppliers and are often afftected by the market fluctuations & lack of makret updates. Procuserve provides a combination of outsourced purchase team, procurement BPO and reverse auction engines to help the clients get the best deal.

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