Lauren 🌻πŸ’₯πŸ’«

Student in the United States

Try my food

Hi I'm Lauren! πŸ’œπŸ’« If you follow this account you can probably call me Laur if you want though.

I'm 15/Capricorn/enfp!

🎏 You can catch me on my other accounts: (in order from most to least active)





and my kik is lauren_kat_ !!

πŸŒ‚ Things or topics I love to talk about are Okami, Bittersweet Candy Bowl (don't get me started if you say the three letters bcb in a sentence together I'll probably lose my shit), anything sports related, animals, PokΓ¨mon, really a lot of things! Talk to me about whatever.

🌻 If you're a friend of my close friend and trustworthy or (obviously) my friend, I'll probably accept you! Don't be afraid to do it c:

I really like to swim (I'm a lifeguard at my local pool), play lacrosse, bake, and draw, and I'm interested in studying food sciences in college.

My favorite colors are purple (the color of my room) and pale pink, and my favorite fruit are grapes and strawberries.

I'm honestly fine if you post anything, or if you need to, you can vent or talk to me! I'm generally pretty open. πŸŽ‰