Santa Cruz, California, United States

Christopher MacDonald is the fun-loving subversive author, visionary and teacher behind all things AZOTUS in California. Also the New book (jesus outed) with more books on the way. He covers a surprising array of topics ranging from in-depth textual studies, to classical studies on love, sex and relationships; human meaning and semiotics; and is somewhat of an expert on Ernest Becker and his book "The Denial of Death." Still, he writes funny stories about breaking Jesus out of Megachurches where he has been gagged and bound in a broom closet. He's got a scholars mind, a pastor's heart, a poet and artist's sense...then he's also suprisingly tall and goofy. Meet him, or collaborate if you are a genius and wish to serve people. He's an Idealist, and not into politics, which makes him rare. Check out his Pinterest for fun.

  • Education
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