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Backlinks also known as inbound links, or income links. That's the website received links from other websites. The back links became very important since Google published the search engine ranking algorithm.

There are many ways to get back links online.

1 Blog comment. A lot of wordpress blog allow users to put the links in the comment.

2 Profile details. Putting the website back links into the profile links is another great idea.

3 Blog Post. Create a blog, and write your own post inside the blog

4 Forum discuss. Join the discuss, and leave the feedback with comments.

5 Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus allow user post the comment with links.

6 Wikipedia contribution. Wikipedia is quite difficult to leave links, unless your website is a band business website.

7 Social Bookmarks. Social bookmarks is the fast the fast method to create 100 back links in just few hours.

The Quality of the Back Links

You can create a lot backlinks, but only quality backlinks will increase the keywords ranking in search engine. Poor quality back links will make the website be punished by Google.

PR9 Backlinks are the highest quality back links.

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