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Jodi Ubelhor-Strauch

Pac NW

What is there to say about little old me? Hmmm …

I am the incredibly proud and often-times frustrated mother of three amazing girls. Aubrey, the oldest, just turned fifteen. Sydney, my dreamer, turned twelve this year, and my feisty little Alli is firmly rooted in the aptly named Terrible Twos.

I married my sailor three duty stations, six rentals, and almost thirteen years ago. P.S. In the last year or so, I have fallen in love with him all over again.

I am thirty-six years old, and I love it! I do not believe “40 is the new 30,” nor do I want it to be. (I may change my tune if and when my red hair begins to gray…)

In my dreams I own my own dance studio, write best-selling novels, and host fantastic summer barbecues. In reality I left a burgeoning dance program behind at our last duty station, blog sporadically, and have recently tried a recipe for a kick-ass bacon-wrapped cheeseburger.

I love reality TV and shrink away from drama in real life.

I am in a never-ending search for a simplicity, and I always think I have found the secret. Meanwhile, I am surrounded by clutter and toys and coupons. But I’m still trying.

I have big plans for losing weight this year … and I also have a recipe for a kick-ass bacon-wrapped burger.

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