Diane Costelo

Hi, my name's Diane Costelo, a 14 year-old filipina. I'm physically human but my brain is 100% out of this world. I'm born on the 19th of August year 1996. I don't like myself that much,so if you hate me, that's fine. I love meeting new people. I'm kinda friendly. I listen to SNSD, and respect that. (don't dare say i'm dumb just because i'm listening to k-pop cause i will never leave your life in peace) I'm kind to people who are kind to me. If you don't like me GTFO my page, thanks. I always have problems. A friend is copying my swag and it irritates me. At first I thought it was cool but then it started feeling awkward. I think my biggest mistake was when I screwed over my bestie. I already talked about my life, LOL. that's all i guess? +_KTHNXBAI_+