Set yourself apart professionally.

What is Backstory?

Everyone has a unique story. Backstory connects your resume and page to showcase your skills, aspirations, and individuality and tell the world your story.



You are more than your job title.

We all define success differently. Your Backstory headline allows you to define what career success means to you. Point to an inspirational quote, add a professional objective, or write your mission statement.



We are not reinventing the resume.

We believe the resume works. You know how to make one, and recruiters know how to read them. Connecting your resume to your page through Backstory helps tell the world who you are, what you have achieved, what you do, and who you strive to be.



Chase your dreams, wherever they may be.

Tell people in what part of the world you’re ideally looking to work. You can use broader location terms like “North America,” or specific cities like “Paris.”