Nathalie Granada

Nathalie Granada

im a little girl w/ a BIG heart :)

I loved day dreaming , reading Mangas , watching : ANIME especially One Piece , HORROR MOVIES, && K-Dramas online !

I Loved playing computer games such as Counter-strike , Left for dead , GTA and some online games like Grand Chase , Elsword and Gods War .

I also love drinking Beers or Liquors with my beloved barkada's .. chitchatting w/ them while eating all of our "Pulutan" w/o their notice of course :D

I love Laughing Out Soo LOUD which annoyed my MOM ! (She calls me "MALANDEH" even if i'm not ! ) :/

I'm a certified "Animal Lover" esp . cats, kittens,tigers ,Felis catus && etc .. that are connected to the cat family ♥♥

I'm a certified Coffee addict and definitely a bookworm oh my i loved reading books !!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

I Love My Momma Pep's .. She's the one who takes care of me since young , & of course my Parent's , GOD , Mama Mary, my Siblings, Relatives, Friends, BFF'S &&

"two of the most important MEN of my life" (naks maka-important talaga ! ahihih)

"MARIO MAURER && LEE MIN HO" !! ILOVEYOU solala for the both of you !

isang masarap na mwuaaaaahalik sa inyong dalawa :* :*

My Motto in Life :

Every problem has a solution ! If there's no solution , then just ignore it !

Thanks for reading ..

God Bless Us !

-- Nathalie ♥♥♥

PS : My real name is Charlene Key Granada Falcone

.. thought u might want to know .. ;-)