Patricia Gutierrez De Gonzalez

Mother and Children Arts in Puerto Rico

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Patricia Gonzalez, a native Chicagoan; organized the Street Art Awareness program in 1984; volunteering at the Chicago Park District and Recreation. It later led to developing and managing a stage group known as "Sweet Innocence" within private/public presentations such as "Say No To Drugs & Gangs" hosted by Alderman Raymond Figueroa in Chicago. The group earns First Place entering the "Chicago Talent Search" and the opportunity to present themselves in the "Petrillo Shell." This opportunity took the young group to modeling, commercials and exclusive mayor stage appearances such as "Pan American", "Viva Mexico, "Navy Pier", mayor television programs, downtown parades and others stage presents in Indiana. The group recieved a special invite in "Siempre En Domingo" hosted by former Raul Velasco; giving the group further recognition of their talents. Patricia took part in a "McDonald's" Commercial and modeled with her baby in a "Johnson's and Johnson's" Calender shoot, yet, her passionate objective was focus on the young people.

She's the eldest of seven siblings raised within a single parent home in Chicago. The struggles within her life led to identifying and understanding the conflicts underprivileged youth face in communities where social conflicts of drugs, gangs is still an everyday life of survival along with the abuse and sexual molestation that represent the auto-destruction for these youth in their own habitat.

While still raising four children her challenges let to fulfilling some accomplished goals; graduating with an Associate in Psychology and Bachelors in Communications as Cum Laude.

After the murder of her only son in Chicago; Patricia is living in Puerto Rico with her family and is the voice of Silent Tears Behind Closed Doors; a support group for grieving parents/families whom have loss a child regardless of age within homicide crimes, illness and others.

She concludes, "No, I/We did not survive...for on May 13, 2012/Mother's Day; the life of my precious son was taken from unwanted change due to lack of Gun Control and Gangs. It's Time to Wake Up to what is happening for it's to a point that as I write more young innocent life's are being killed and leaving parents with a brutal sword wound to the heart for life has been taken from within us."

"Help STOP and support the groups that take VOICE against the street violence in Chicago and other states."